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The Servant of God Rosella Stàltari

The Servant of God Rosella Stàltari

Antonimina (RC) - Italy Palermo - Italy
3 may 1951  4 January 1974.


Biografical outline and spirituality of the Servant of God Rosella Stàltari

           It is a great joy for me to be able to share with you a brief reflection on the life and the spirituality of the Servant of God Rosella Stàltari, a young girl of our own time, who died in 1974 at the age of about 23 and whose process for beatification has been introduced two years ago.

The historical journey of Rosella Stàltari began in 1951 in Calabria, one of the poorest regions of Southern Italy.

The poverty of her family worsened that same year when the Region was hit by heavy flooding, but it was above all the sudden death of Rosella's mother that left a deep mark on her family’s life and above all on her own life.  Because of the poverty of her family, at the tender age of  two years and seven months Rosella was confined to a Government Orphanage, where she had a hard life and suffered very much from lack of loving care and tenderness. Often she experienced hunger and was obliged to do heavy work unfit for a young child.

The life in that Orphanage was really a cross for Rosella, but a cross that she was able to carry by her profound love for Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

 When she was fourteen, to be able to attend the high school, Rosella was transferred to the Institute Maria Mater Gratiae, in Reggio Calabria, run by our Congregation, the Daughters of Mary Co- Redemptrix.

Rosella was a young girl, apparently like many others, at times enthusiastic and outgoing, at others timid and reserved, but this would have been a superficial impression: in reality she was an exceptional person, as humble and unaware of herself as to say: "Grant, my God, that I can spend my life in this world, without anybody caring for me". Recalling this time of her life, Rosella wrote: "When, at the age of fourteen, I entered this College, once I heard Fr. Forno speaking, and a question arose in myself: «Why I do not love Jesus?»".

As she herself wrote, she eventually took part in a vocation's retreat organized by the same Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Co-Redemptrix and guided by its founder, Fr. Dante Forno, and she allowed herself to be led by the Holy Spirit. Those days saw Rosella's first steps on a stairway of love that she was to keep climbing to the very top.

Understanding that Jesus was calling her to follow Him more closely, she dedicated herself resolutely to Him and began her novitiate with the Daughters of Mary Co-Redemptrix. Rosella lived her vocation in its fullness, to the end, with great joy, even through much suffering. She spent her life always both devotedly filled with a spirit of prayer and in the various activities of the Congregation (kindergarten school, summer camps, vocational meetings, care of young people in difficulties, etc.), while sustained by a profound love for Jesus and the Most Blessed Virgin, which was founded on humble service and loving care.

 On 2nd July 1973, following the example of the Virgin Co-Redemptrix, Rosella made her religious profession and gave herself forever to God, according to the Charism of the Congregation, so that through the ministerial mission of the Priesthood, people might welcome with open heart the grace of Our Lord.

After this final step of her consecration, Rosella's life opened itself to the radiant light of the never-ending search for the Lord's beauty and for humble and loving service, above all to those most in need of care and comfort. She remained faithful to this commitment until the end of her life.

Rosella spent the last months of her life in Palermo, as a kindergarten teacher, at the Ardizzone Institute, where she died suddenly in her sleep on 4th January 1974, leaving this world as a true “Bride of Jesus”, so strong was her love for Him…

 Her eagerness to love Jesus never left her, but the more she abandoned herself to loving Jesus, the more she felt dissatisfied with her manner of life, and the more she asked Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary to lead her by the hand to true Love, to the perfect harmony of her will with that of God.

With great will power, Rosella allowed grace to triumph in her. She never sought to be noticed by anyone, but wished rather to be at the silent service of all, giving herself spontaneously with complete dedication.

In the words of some of her friends, her relationship with others made it "like heaven to be with her". Each of her companions, in fact, was under the impression that she was Rosella' s favourite, so much did she lavish her loving attention on each of them.

People of all ages, but especially the young, find themselves impressed and edified by this girl of our own time who in her life and writings has been able to find the love of Jesus and communicate it to others, reaching great heights of enlightened Christian heroism.

In a few words, I can say that the characteristic notes of Rosella's love for Jesus are:

¨       A wholehearted, silent and secret faithfulness towards every call of God;

¨       A deep trust in God;

¨       A life of prayer;

¨       A profound, tender love towards the Blessed Virgin Mary;

¨       Her simplicity of life, with no pretence;

¨       A sincere, delicate love for everybody;

¨       An unceasing practical service to others;

¨       A tremendous generosity in giving herself;

¨       A great joy, even in her sufferings and troubles.

I think  that the message of Rosella, who was born in the mud of the flood that scatters, but was reborn in the purity of the love of Christ, is this:

It is possible to flourish in every soil: the secret lies in embracing life not in despair or as a pre-destiny, but as an affectionate project of love which God the Father has for each one of us.

And so, I would add:

Let us live our Love, even in the darkness of the Faith, lit up and helped by a trustful Hope in God, to be able to shine upon our neighbours the Light of Love and to enflame all the souls with God's Love.

Rosella’s message is meant for everyone, but above all it is addressed to youth and to those who are in search of the highest values of life and for life, and so, while thanking Jesus for the gift of Rosella’s life, let us ask Him that, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her example may inspire in us the hidden virtue of the acceptance of the daily martyrdom of a normal existence. AMEN!



 to obtain the beatification of the Servant of God

Rosella Stàltari


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